Making the Hockey World Cup

Making the Hockey World Cup

By Scott Netherway
17 August 2018
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Our very own HWC2018 Hockey Maker

The excitement of the Hockey World Cup has now subsided but as the Dutch ladies still celebrate being crowned champions We caught up with our very own Vicky FB who was one of the dedicated Hockey Makers that helped to make the competition the huge success that it was.

So Vicky tell us about your experience........

My 2 weeks as a hockey maker was really good fun - hard work (my legs felt like i had played 2 hard fought matches each day and my feet throbbed) occasionally boring but very much worthwhile. Directing people, helping them find their seats, problem solving and just being enthusiastic about hockey was perfect especially as it was also about encouraging and inspiring women to play sport.

Bump into anyone famous?

I totally fan girled Kate Richardson-Walsh one evening.....but in fairness so did the whole bus so its fine! Plus she eats pizza which I am pretty sure means that our Ladies 2's preferred tea has been given the Olympic seal of approval - right?

Who had the best fans?

The fans were incredible- I think we would have voted the Argentinans and Irish into the finals if it was on fans alone. They were always so enthusiastic and lovely. Watching the Irish team keep on progressing and loving every moment more than made up for England not getting past the Quarters.

What were your highlights of being a Hockey Maker?

There were some really special moments like Chris Hollins (BBC Presenter and Strictly Come Dancing winner) complimenting my dance skills, seeing kids try hockey for the first time and loving it, and getting all the coconuts off the shy with my ever improving flicks (no comment on how many goes it took... I did it is what matters!). Also meeting some of the winning world cup team from 1975 and Jane Sixsmith finding her star on the Walk of stars are the little moments that stick with you.

And the lows?

Apart from England being knocked out ...........
I was slightly gutted not to be on shift for finals day. It looked incredible for all the Hockey Makers to be on the pitch at half time leading the crowd in the YMCA. But spending the afternoon in the company of some of my hockey family emboddied what the world cup meant to me - friendship, laughter and a celebration of leaving everything on the pitch knowing it has been a job well fought. #oneteam

And the big question - would you do it again?

YES! A very big yes, just let me have a few months to recover!

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