Mixed Hockey

Just a quick update to draw your attention to the fact that Croydon & Old Whitgiftian Hockey Club also have a Mixed Hockey team.

Typically playing Sundays with a couple of fun tournaments thrown in, it’s a great, fun way to spend a Sunday whether you’ve played on the Saturday before or not! The standard varies based on our opposition so all are welcome to make themselves available for selection.

The first game is this Sunday against Addiscombe (bleurgh!) so please let us know if you are interested and able to play in this fixture, or any other future mixed games, as we will be setting up a separate mailing list for mixed hockey purposes. (Please let us know if you are interested in playing this year, even if you played mixed last year).

Future fixtures are below for your diaries….

26th October (Home) v Addiscombe

16th November (Away) v Clapham Common

23rd November (Home) v Reigate Priory

14th December (Away) – Epsom Santa Tournament

25th January (Home) v Epsom

8th February (Home) v London Strollers

22nd February (Away) v Addiscombe

22nd March (Away) v London Strollers

5th April (Away) v Epsom

12th April (Home) v Clapham Common


Happy Hockeying

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Social Events

Everybody loves a good social event, don’t they?

Croydon & Old Whitgiftian Hockey Club is a club run by the members for the members (cliché, I know).

We want you to feel actively engaged in, and intrinsically linked to, the success of the club both on and off the pitch. This includes supporting the wider cause of the club by ensuring a high percentage of the members attend and participate in the numerous events we organise each year. As well as raising much-needed funds for the club, it also provides the opportunity to meet and network with other members and create a much stronger overall club spirit. We also want to ensure that our social events are engaging activities to which you would be keen on inviting non-members and your friends.

We are looking to overhaul the social calendar this year to make the events appealing to the entire membership (both playing and social) by covering a broad spectrum of themes and activities.

We would be very grateful if you could take 5 minutes to answer this short survey (https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/W9XWLYN) that will give us some guidance for the planning of the 2014/5 social calendar of Croydon & Old Whitgiftian Hockey Club, and look forward to seeing you at as many of these events as possible. After all, it is your club!

Many Thanks in advance, and Happy Hockeying!!

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Training Update


Training tonight switches to Whitgift School astroturf, still 7.30-9pm.

Directions – http://www.whitgift.co.uk/MainContacts.aspx

Astroturf is at the back of the grounds, turn right at the end of the uphill driveway and follow the road round as far as you can and you should see the astro across the playing fields.

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Hockey Training

August hockey training is on Wednesday evenings 7.30 – 9pm at Croydon High School, Old Farleigh Road, Croydon, CR2 8YB



From September it will at Whitgift School. Read more ›

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Men’s 3s Match Reports 2012 – 2014


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This week’s teamsheet can be found here:


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COWHC Ladies 1s vs Leatherhead

Match Report by Alex Hutchinson


We won 2-0
The mini heatwave returned this week-end, which meant that the first half’s rainstorm made it feel particularly tropical at Croydon High School. So far the league sees us having won one, drawn one and lost one, and we were determined to get back to winning ways this week.
Leatherhead are new to our league this year, so we had no past history with them. It’s a difficult match to define: it wasn’t exactly end to end and we certainly had the better of the possession, the territory and the shots on goal, but we had to work hard for the full 70 minutes to secure the outcome. Leatherhead played lots of long balls through their midfield and our defence were on fine form: Lisa P marshalled her troops, while Lena, Santy and Kat dealt easily with their forays. LBell yet again relished her attacking role and stepped forward fearlessly, giving Alex room to roam further up field. Hannah Mc and Becky were debutante additions to the forward line; both made a big impact, Becky with her gritty attacks and Hannah holding the space at the top of the D to pose a constant threat. With Chloe surging forward, Andrea weaving her way past defenders and Katy making space with some well-timed runs, AJ’s surprise formation reaped its rewards.
And the result? Hannah Mc slammed home a first half goal, and Andrea popped in a P-spot pass from Alex’s baseline run to bring us a 2-0 victory. Unfortunately this turned out to be a bad tempered encounter, but the three points count and see us back up to 4th spot in the league table. No resting on our laurels as there’s work for us to do: we secured a significant number of short corners today but didn’t convert any. Still, our short passes were excellent and the team’s work rate was really impressive. Next week sees a half term break from the league before we’re back in action on 1 November.
Thanks to Keith for umpiring, to Lisa P for being rock solid in goal in our Burke-less week and to AJ for introducing us to our new positions with 2 seconds to go!
The team was Lisa P, Santy, Lena, LBell, Chloe, Katy Dicko, Kat, Becky, Alex, Andrea, Hannah Mc and AJ.
PoM votes were 3 each for Becky and LBell, 2 for Alex and Hannah, and 1 each for Lena and Chloe.


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COWHC Ladies 1s vs Richmond – 4 October 2014

Match Report by Alex Hutchinson
We drew 2-2
Early on Saturday morning, we gathered bleary-eyed at Croydon High to face Richmond Ladies. The only exception to this was AJ who, bright-eyed, had eschewed all birthday celebrations the evening before for an early night with a mug of hot chocolate. We ladies take our league matches very seriously.
Despite a reassuringly autumnal feel to the morning as we warmed up, the sun broke through just as the match was about to start, leaving us grumbling about heat stroke and dehydration. We will do our best to remember this in the depths of January as we are scraping the ice off the astro before each game.
The match was played at blistering pace and Richmond took an early lead, only for Hannah H to thump home an equaliser within minutes. The early season pundits have noticed something different about the mighty COWHC Ladies 1s this year. We have so far avoided going to pieces when the opposition take the lead and have ceased our irritating habit of then gifting them 3 or 4 easy goals while we fall apart. We have also developed an uncanny knack of noticing what is going wrong on the pitch and doing something about it. Richmond overloaded their right flank; so we sailed into attack down our right. Richmond played it endlessly around the back at 16s; we broke them with tight marking and relentless pressure. Richmond played the ball in small triangles; we stepped into the spaces and cut out the passes. Richmond snatched a second goal to take the lead again as the ball whizzed from end to end. Kirsty played some great crosses into the D, but in the end (and despite Richmond’s protests) the equaliser came from Alex. We were unlucky not to add to our goal tally, particularly as AJ’s short corner strike sizzled millimetres past the post; some injectors will insist on standing at the post with their eyes shut and not putting away those conversions as they fly past at 1000mph.
The match finished with a 2-2 draw: we had stood firm against Richmond’s physical tactics and so hold on to 2nd place in the league.
Thanks to Martin and Keith for umpiring, to Netty for supporting, to Nicky R for being super-sub, to AJ for spotting all the things Richmond were doing and to the BBC weathermen for promising us that autumn is on the way and we can get back to playing hockey in the cold and wet.
The team was: Sharon, Chloe, Lena, Kat, Santy, Hannah Mc, Alex, Becky, Kirsty, AJ, Hannah H and Nicky R.
PoM votes were 1 each for Becky, Alex, Chloe and Hannah Mc, 2 each for Lena and Kirsty and 3 for the absolute scourge of the Richmond defence, Hannah H.
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COWHC Ladies 1s vs Old Kingstonians – 27 Sept 2014

Match Report by Alex Hutchinson
We won 6-1
I had to go back in the annals of time and dust down the match reports from 1884 to find the last time that the mighty COWHC Ladies 1s scored such a thumping victory in their first league match of the season.
It was exceptionally muggy on the pitch by the river, and OKs were using their new super-bouncy astro. This was great for us, as we train on a super-bouncy pitch and yet rarely play matches on them.
Going an early goal down is something we’re quite used to. Subsequently picking ourselves up and thumping 6 goals past the opposition is something we’re not. Some will call it a fluke, others will have seen the skill involved to slot home an equaliser with your eyes shut and facing away from goal … but they all count and, with Alex on the scoresheet, the mighty COWHC started to show what their relentless early season fitness training has done for the squad. Out of breath, puffing like steam trains and with tomato-faces all round, we managed to string together some beautiful hockey. The defence were stalwart – sometimes orthodox and sometimes quite the opposite – but highly effective nonetheless, while the midfield found a densely populated forward line a great target to aim for. The forwards soared and switched and ran rings around the OK defence … and the goals rained home. Two cracking strikes from AJ, a bamboozling run from Nicky, a classic Forsh finish and a poach from Hannah H gave us a 6 goal total and 3 glorious points in our first crusade of the 2014/15 league season.
Irritatingly, Woking put 6 straight past OCs, so we can only claim 2nd position this week in Surrey Div 2 … While there’s still a huge amount for us to work on, it’s a great start to the season. Well played everyone!
Thank to Martin for umpiring, Netty for supporting and AJ for showing us that even the player-coach is allowed to miss the odd sitter from the P-spot.
The team was Sharon, Chloe, Santy, Lena, LBell, Hannah Mc, Becky, Nicky W, Alex, Katy Dicko, AJ and Hannah H.
PoM votes were 1 each for Santy, Lena, Katy and Nicky, 3 for Hannah H and 5 for battling Becky Forsh.


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Well folks, it’s official – the new season is fast approaching.  The fixtures are now up for all to see, check them out here or under the respective team pages:


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